The Basic Golf Etiquette

Golf has been a game that has been on around for ages now; a few hundred years to count.  Like all other games, golf has certain regulations and rules of engagement.  Some of these are mere courtesies and the others more stricter in the sense. It would be proper to document the etiquettes that the game has to offer the player no matter the location that it is played in.

Dress for the part

Golf is one game that is strong on the appearances part. Never get onto a golf course dressed in anything other than proper golf gear.  This must be complete with the spikes on the feet as well for the most parts. Gloves though not standard provision, needs to be adorned nevertheless.

Being on time

There are two aspects to being on time when golf is being played. The first is to show courtesy to the other players when a game is set to begin and not keep them waiting.  The second aspect to sticking to the proper time schedule is to maintain a game flow which should see the other players on the course complete the games on time too along with you. Since most parts of the crowds of people that take to golf are the corporate types, timing is all but important at any time.

Staying with the group

Golf is usually played in groups of four or five people. But there is bound to be other groups as well playing along in the greens or course. It is basic courtesy to stick to the original playing group even if there are the others who might be known to you or familiar to you in the other parties.  Straying over is considered a great mistake and should never be attempted at any time.


Dealing with the faster groups

A pressing issue with most playing groups is that there is bound to be parties that are a lot faster than the average group. The courteous thing to do would be to allow them to pass through by waiting at a tee so that the smooth flow of the game for the later is not hindered. In a very structured game as golf, it is foolhardy to ignore the basic courtesy and playing tactics as the case might be.

Using a golf cart

One of the most telling aspects of using a golf cart is to stick to driving habits. Do not overspeed and allow others the right of way too.  Most courses have designated areas where a cart can be ridden and driven.  This must be heeded to at all times. Above all else, never overspeed at any time.


As has been said at the beginning, the guidelines are but etiquette and not a regulation as such. In a game that tries to seek out the comfort and convenience of the opponent, it makes a special impression to have to look the part of the golf player as well as play a game of golf.

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