Golf for Fun and Entertainment

The best way to start practicing golf is for fun and entertainment. Only then you can explore the depths of the gaming techniques and rules without any anxiety and fear. You will not hesitate to make mistakes and learn from them. You will be eager to make new experiments with gaming techniques and find new and innovative methods. You will enjoy the game so much that your involvement will be 100%. Start with your experiment today and experience the results.

Where is the Action

Many of the youngsters may find golf to be boring because they don’t find any “action” in it. It is unlike rugby, American football, soccer, and even Tennis. The adrenaline doesn’t seem to rush at any point of time for the beginners.

They wonder how professional players find inspiration while playing on calm and cool weather conditions with only a few spectators around.  Even the response from the fans seems to be dry and dull because there are only hand claps. It could be because the spectators are too gentle for playing the drums and dancing in the Golf fields!

How to get Motivation

I suggest that you focus only on your aim of getting points and progressing. Diverting your focus on anything other than your sport could mean you lose. It is not only losing, but also reaching a point of frustration. It is not easy to return from that point to become an active player once again.

Play in Groups

You have to join a training team and start practicing in groups. Motivational factors can come from your team members when your spirit is down. Similarly, you can motivate others while they are down. It has been one of the greatest mantras of making champions out of every ordinary human, including you and me.

 Don’t Give Up

Sometimes you may feel like throwing the golf club and walking away from the field. It could be because the things are moving faster or the pace is not matching with your urgency. So, the first thing you have to learn is patience. The second thing is persistence.

When I heard of patience, I wanted to have it immediately! My idea was to get the wealth of patience right from the next moment. However, it did not happen. Then somebody told me that I have to have the patience to get patience! That was something I just could not comprehend at that time.

I could realize its importance when I started coaching youngsters in golf sporting. Most of the youngsters of today seem to have learned patience better than I did. They are also more persistent in their approach to the sport.


I have been working on training the youngsters who can’t even afford to buy the cheapest golf sets. I see a lot of enthusiasm among them about the sport. Many of them have already moved into the senior level of training. I hope they will go on to become professional golfers in the future.


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