Are you planning for Golf as Profession?

Wanting to be a professional golf player is a great decision you have made. Golf is one of the most scientifically designed games I have ever seen. I am not saying because I am a professional golf coach. I have seen many of my trainees maturing to join professional golf clubs. They have decent earnings, satisfaction, and the eagerness to grow into international golf players. How do you think they are able to do it? Let’s take a look.

Is Golf Boring?

Many of my friends have a strong feeling that golf is boring. They may say so because they have never got involved in the game. They have been watching golf from a distance. They also don’t have any idea about the intricacies of playing. Hence, they may feel that golf is boring.

How to overcome the Phobia

Willingness to experiment with golf is the first step towards overcoming the phobia. I would rather day, you have to take a golf club and get onto the field. Of course, you will need the golf ball also! Join a team of amateurs or people who are playing without knowing why. Interactions with them can decrease the phobia and eliminate it at some point of time.

How to Learn Golf

You will need a professional golf trainer like me (experienced professional) to start training on the game. You need to spare a minimum of six months to one year for the basic preparation. Then you can start practicing in groups under the guidance of professional golfer.

You will also need to watch videos of local golf club players. I have seen many of my students committing the mistake of watching international golfers while being in the initial stages of golf training. Such an approach is not only a waste of time, but can also have negative impacts in the future.

Go to the local golf club matches and watch intensely. Every weekend you can follow a specific player from the start to the finish. You have to watch not only his correct shots but also his mistakes. Sometimes a mistake in one aspect of the shot making can be a plus point for the other types of shots.

You should also read a lot about the golf sport. Go online to get free books and magazines on golf.

Body Postures

The golf sport has many important body postures which you have to follow. You have to be highly accurate and consistent in following the postures. They can vary for every type of shot that you choose. They can also change depending on the landscape on which you are playing.


You should focus on the ball and the path it is going to fly. You can’t work on assumptions. So, you have to learn the theory aspects very clearly. Start practicing by increasing the level of concentration and focus. One way of enhancing focus is to do meditation before training. Try it for a few days and you can experience the results.


Professional golf is fun and highly paid. But you need to start with a focus on playing and improving. Only then you can reach the stage of professional players faster.

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