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Is golf is a sport reserved only for the rich? Is it expensive to buy the equipment and accessories? What are the chances of becoming a professional golfer after training? Can people from the middle and lower middle class afford to take up golf as a profession? How much can one earn by playing golf in the professional tournaments? These are some of the questions that a young golf trainee may have. I will try to find answers to these questions in my blog.

Is Golf Only for Rich

The answer is no. I have been trying to search for a golf club that is within the affordable price for the middle-class golf enthusiast. I have been able to find clubs within the range of $25 and $50 online. They are good enough for the beginners. Similarly, I have searched and found the other accessories within the $150 range. So, you may have to spend about $250 to get the entire set.

If you plan to buy used sets, they may cost even less. For example, you may contact a golf training center in your neighborhood and try for the used golf sets. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. In my blog, I will give you more examples of golf for everyone.

Having bought the equipment, you have to find a place to practice. You can convert the garden in your backyard into a mini-golf playing field. You may have to make some changes to the landscape by adding the contours, water-bodies, and other features. In my blog, I will introduce you to all the possible changes you can make within the available space.

How to Become a Professional Golfer

Oh, there you go! Do you want to make your living by playing golf professionally? It may not b so easy. Well, it may not be so tough either. It depends on when you want to start your training, how long you can afford the training, and how much can you spend on the training. You need to have a sustained income to support your living while you train. You should have sufficient time, dedication, and patience for everyday golf training.

In my blog, I will introduce you to some of the secrets of becoming a professional golfer by keeping a good earning job and getting ample time for training

It’s possible for anyone from the middle and lower middle-class people to take up golf. In my blog, I will show you plenty of examples, where youngsters from such families have attained the name, fame, and financial benefits through golf.

How to Start

The first need is to have a passion for the game of golf in your heart. I would say you have to start golf training without expecting any financial or hall-of-fame expectations. They can divert you from the primary aim of becoming a golfing expert. Put your body, mind, and heart into training. Then you can experience the results.


I would say it is better to start with an open mind. Just keep playing and improving every day. You can experience the results sooner or later, but for sure.