How to Improve Your Golf Techniques at Princeton Valley

It has been a long while since I stopped coaching students on golf. However, my mind is always revolving around the game and the playing techniques. Even today, I attend golf events at the Princeton Valley with my family to rejoice watching youngsters play. The standards of training have significantly improved in the last few years. Coaches use advanced technologies to train the players from the first step into the golf field to winning the amateur college golf tournaments.

Postures and Swings

In the early 80s, we found it hard to practice without the help of coaches. It was because of the difficulty to remember postures, swings and follow-through actions. Balancing the bodyweight was a big problem. I have seen many of my friends falling flat on the ground while trying to execute backswings. It took me a long time to practice delivering the club to the ball at the right moment at the right angle. It took even longer to control the ball from spinning back after hitting the turf.

The first step I learnt was to align my body with the target. I had to do it for every shot before doing anything with the club. Rotation of the upper body around an imaginative line is an important factor in keeping the shots consistently accurate.

Center Of Gravity

Balancing my bodyweight around the center of gravity was a big challenge during my training. My coach often told me to focus on my pelvic section. He called it the point of control for the upper and lower body movement during swing and shot execution. I could understand everything he explained but forgot all while on the field. That was the time when I became conscious of my obesity.

It took a lot of hard work to shed my body weight and get to a healthy condition. I walked, jogged, cycled and swam to reach my goal of 63 Kilos bodyweight. It took nearly one year to shed 20 kilos. I also had to work out extensively to shape my body to an athletic physique. When I got back to the goldfield in Princeton valley, it was a simple task to align the center of gravity in my pelvic region to the line of stroke.

Coiling the Body

Rear-end of the hip swings in the reverse direction during the execution of swing. It is called coiling. The angle of coiling can have a significant effect on the power of the stroke. The muscles from shoulder to the legs should coordinate with each other to make the swing and the shot smooth. I had to shift the body weight from the rear to the front to add extra force to the stroke.

Swing Balance

The execution of strike after a swing will be accurate only when the body’s flow is in control. Or the ball can hit the water or other hazards.

Further Reading

I have given a brief overview of golf swings and body balancing techniques. You can read more about some of the other golfing techniques to practice at Princeton valley in the next articles.

Golf Grips for Improving Your Skills

My Golf trainer had a piece of simple advice to give me when I started training under him. Improve your gripping techniques and postures to excel in sports. At that, I had no idea about the sport other than a few men and women walking on the field with raised clubs, search g for something. Later I realized they were looking for the lost ball they had hit. Learning the different types of grip took time for me.  I was a slow learner but once I got things in my brain, they stayed there. So, I was confident about learning golf at the Princeton valley within one or two years.

Basic Grips

Overlapping Grip

My trainer told me about the leading and trailing hand for the grip. Since I am a right-hander, the leading hand was left and the trailing hand was right. I wondered why he is saying the opposite way. He asked me to keep the left hand at the top and right hand below it while gripping. I had to keep the little finger of my right hand between the index and middle finger of the left hand. I also had to fit in the left-hand thumb into the lifeline of the right hand.

The grip made me feel as though the club would slip away from my grip, as I was wearing the gloves on my left hand. Anyway, I took the first aim and shot. The ball rose up like a rocket and fell on the head. The coach said nothing. He moved away silently, leaving me to practice using the trial and error methods. It took me the next three weeks to practically play the shots using the grip.

Baseball Grip

The grip has been my favorite due to its simplicity and easiness. I got used to it faster than my own expectations. I started hitting the ball with all my strength after learning to contact it at the right spot. My trainer watched me with amusement as I put all my efforts into that one grip.

Other Grips

Overlap and putting are the other two main types of grips I have learnt so far. I have learnt the importance of forming a V shape between the thumb and index finger of the left hand while gripping. It gives me the right hold with optimum tightness. It also gives me the flexibility to follow through my hands after the shot.

Technical Expertise

I was able to get the right technical expertise, only after consistent training and practicing. Sometimes my coach used to be with me from the first minute to the last minute during practice. Then he let me practice alone. Of course, I made several mistakes. I was able to identify the mistakes once I focused on the gripping methods. The process of correcting a mistake takes patience and persistence.


Most of the mistakes seem to start with the wrong grips. It could also affect postures negatively. Once my grip and posture became right, my progress was much faster than before.